Plex mkv to mp4 still needed?

As a longtime plex user I always remuxed my media to mp4, add iOS specific audio track and weboptimize it. With the advent of bigger and bigger releases and REMUX quality I’m asking myself if it’s still needed. All media is h.264 and Plex should transcode audio if needed. Most devices should be able to play mkv or else it direct streams. Devices in use range from Plex iOS, Plex android and androidTV, shields and roku’s. Any advice / practical experience to share?

just curious , how is this a relevant question in the rclone forum? :thinking:

I just Direct Stream the majority via Plex and Apple devices.

With using the new player in Plex, it direct plays majority of items.

Worse case, it direct streams if the container needs to be changed and that’s barely a hit.

I don’t spend any time re-encoding any media.

Ah yes fair question: I rather ask here than at the Plex forum as we all use rclone here and some with higher end setups. I understand it’s a bit none rclone related but I value the answers here more than someplace else.