Plex Metadata in a rclone mount?

Has anyone tried to keep Plex database/Meta database on rclone? how was the speed and were you able to avoid corruption? I did a search and couldn't really find what i was looking for but i'd like to stick all my plex data on an rclone mount to keep all the disk space for transcoding/other downloads in transit. Right now my plex data is taking up about 400gigs

I think it's possible as it should work, but from a speed perspective and the size of your plex DB, I am not sure how nice it would play on a cloud remote.

I'd save my time and just buy a cheap SSD to drop it on and you'd make out much better.

If you do want to put plex there, there are a few things to take into account as it's a SQL Lite database so you need to use:

      --use-mmap                             Use mmap allocator (see docs).

There are a couple sections on mergerfs's github which explains why:

What's the size of your library? I only have 73GB of metadata/plex database with a decent size library.

It's a dedicated box in a data center, not as simple as adding additional storage and only having a one time fee.

Unknown as I don't know your provider or any other details than what you shared.

Most providers getting a little bit of disk space is cheap and less headache.

So without some details, it's all I can offer :slight_smile:

i am about 120TB of video files.

Do you have video thumbnail previews on or something else turned on?

I have about 45TB more data than you and our numbers are way off when comparing 400GB vs my 73GB.

thanks for that i went back and rechecked, it's the container image itself that is 400GB not just the plex data... i can reduce that

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