Plex Media Optimizer to Rclone mount

So I would like to use the optimize option in Plex to avoid transcoding as much as possible. Is it possible to let Plex optimize it’s files and store it in the same folder as the original movie? This would require writing directly to the mount (which it cannot do because I mounted it read only) or storing it in the local unionfs directory until it has been uploaded.

I can’t seem to get it working since Plex, does anyone have a suggestion?


Feb 16, 2017 16:14:21.996 [0x7f7deebf0700] ERROR - Error creating directory /home/owner/media/Movies/Mad Max Fury Road (2015)/Plex Versions/Optimized for TV: boost::filesystem::create_directories: Permission denied: “/home/owner/media/Movies/Mad Max Fury Road (2015)/Plex Versions”

Manually trying to write to the directory does not work either, only with sudo rights. Anyone know how I can let Plex write to this directory without running it as root?

I would assume that if you just mount it not as read only and then do --allow-other that Plex will move the file after the transcode is complete.

I will try and test and let you know

You can achieve this with unionfs where plex will store file under in local folder from where you would move it with rclone.
Plex wise path would not changed.

I was also thinking about doing it but when i saw that it needs around 2h per file I changed my mind as it would take me 1250 days to process whole library assuming Iam not adding anything new.

Not to mention that you would need multiple transcodes eg Mobile TV Original …

Thanks for the reply.

Indeed, optimizing every file would cost a lot of time but occasionally I know one of my friends wants to watch something so I can optimize them beforehand to minimize system load.