Plex library optimize - Gdrive


I can confirm that with audio ac3, plex doesn’t transcode audio anymore, but with atv4 we don’t have direct play, but direct stream, as only direct play mp4 container.


Well that’s good to hear. Do you mean that the ATV4 specifically can’t direct play MKV?


Correct, It just direct streams which is like no CPU usage as it just changes the container from MKV to MP4 and direct plays the contents inside.


That’s what I thought. What I was asking about more specifically was whether that was caused by the ATV4 rather than the container specifically, as everything in my collection is kept within MKVs and they direct play to pretty much everything just fine.


The plex player uses the default apple player so it doesn’t support MKV.

You can use Infuse on the ATV, which supports plex and direct plays everything.


Thanks for the information, I don’t know much about ATV clients.


I’m running the list command:

plexus list -l /opt/plexus/listfile.txt -d /mnt/tdrive/MOVIES

But it only lists one movie. My folder structrure is as it follows:


Your structure and command look correct. So it only lists one movie and then finishes?


Yes that’s what happens. The path I used is a mounted rclone folder, but that shouldn’t be an issue. Right?


Correct. My primary use case is exactly as you’ve described. Weird. What OS etc. are you using? Do you get the Scan complete! message?


I can confirm what @soy_titooo said.
With the first try made before this post Plex library optimize - Gdrive i had in my list many files also for my .mkv movies.

Then after some update and so now. If i make the list i see only .mp4 or .avi files, but no .mkv.

I don’t know if it depends on some setting or from some update of plexus.

I can confirm i didn’t do any encode on the movies that were listed at the begining.


@soy_titooo My bad, I left a debugging line in the command from a previous commit. This has been fixed, just update your install to v0.9.35 :slight_smile:

I may have found the issue that was causing this, though it shouldn’t have been the cause. Try updating and let me know whether the issue has been resolved for you :slight_smile:


Updated and working perfectly now :slight_smile:
Is there any way to list only items that don’t have h264?

I don’t want to convert the audio as I guess transcoding audio wouldn’t use so many resources. So as long as I have everything in h264 I don’t care if it’s mkv, mp4 vidoe container or if it has aac or ac3 audio


Glad to hear it! :smiley:

This functionality doesn’t currently exist, but I could probably implement it. I’ll see what I can do :slight_smile:

EDIT: This should now be doable with Plexus v0.9.36 :slight_smile: (specify -a "" or -v "" when running either the list or encode command).


I confirm now all is ok.


Thanks! So this would be a valid command to list only those files that DON’T have h264?

plexus list -l /opt/plexus/listfile.txt -d /mnt/tdrive/MOVIES -v h264


You’re welcome :slight_smile: No, the if you were just looking to convert files that don’t already use H264, then you would use plexus list -l /opt/plexus/listfile.txt -d /mnt/tdrive/MOVIES -v h264 -a "". If that media directory is an RClone mount, then you’ll need to include the -m flag to remove the absolute path. So if RClone is mounted to /mnt/tdrive/, then use plexus list -l /opt/plexus/listfile.txt -d /mnt/tdrive/MOVIES -m /mnt/tdrive/ -v h264 -a "".

Then if you wanted to leave the audio codec alone when converting it, use plexus encode -l /opt/plexus/listfile.txt -v h264 -a "".


Thanks. I will try that


Great to see the script coming together. It’d be awesome to be able to call from sonarr/radarr with a webhook to a docker container that’s pre-set up with plexus :wink:


after scanning several movies it stopped with this error:
/mnt/tdrive/MOVIES/Blablablabla (2017)/Blablablabla (2017) [Multi-Subs].mp4: Input/output error

what could be the reason?