Plex + GDrive. Massive and continuous use of RAM

Good evening. Meanwhile I want to thank ncw for this software.
Explain my situation, use rclone on Windows, and as a Google Drive cloud storage I use it with Plex to have my library in the cloud. I installed WinFSP and mounted the Gdrive with the following command:

rclone mount gdrive-admin-personalapi: Y: --read-only --allow-other --acd-templink-threshold 0 --stats 1s --buffer-size 250M --timeout 5s --contimeout 5s -v --log-file=c:/rclone/logfilemount.log

I tried to play 10 movies in a continuous way (Play-> 30sec-> Stop; Play-> 30sec-> Stop; etc etc) and I did that process required 3.7GB of RAM and it’s just the thing I do not understand is that even after 30 minutes have passed since the last Play, the RAM dropped and stopped at 3.3GB, should not it go down yet? maybe i miss some parameter in the command? If it continues, I will have to kill the process and restart it after a few days of use. Thanks

The main cause of this is the --buffer-size 250M which will use that much space per open file.

That is what you would like to happen, however memory management rarely works that well in my experience :frowning: What will happen is that the unused parts of the RAM will get swapped out eventually and made available for other applications.

This is a well known problem (not just with go, but with all languages) which doesn’t have a good general purpose solution.

Use rclone for copy/move files to Gdrive
and use PLEXDRIVE for Plex Server from Gdrive

As most of us

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Thanks for replies
I know it is the best choice but the problem is that I use Windows.

cygwin maybe?
I would test it

no sincerely.
I will try and share the result

bad bad using windows :slight_smile:

@chupa - try this

Three others figured out how to move using the unionfs/rclone while avoiding the plex upload ban. I have 0 issues and a few overhead problems. The setup is based on more as you can see, but a good reference. Good luck!