Plex + Dropbox - encrypt folder and file names?

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I have a Dropbox that holds a Plex library which I access with Rclone. Currently I am encrypting files and file names, but leaving folder names unencrypted.

Do you recommend folder name (and file names, for that matter) encryption, or should I not care about this?

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It is entirely up to you. rclone is very flexible here - you can encrypt content but not names, only names or both. personally I do not see reason not to use full encryption (both content and names). It is only mode which provides full privacy.

Thanks for the reply! I like the idea of unencrypted folder names because I can check what's happening without obfuscated names (eg. On Dropbox web), but I understand the privacy argument.

Is there a way to encrypt previously unencrypted folder names without moving the whole data to a new share?


You can do everything server side without re-uploading data.

But if you are ok with unencrypted names it is also OK - it is really your call.

First question should be what you want from encryption? what you try to hide? and from whom? People do all sort of things and have different requirements. I would never leave not encrypted files names. Because I do not like cloud provider to see what I store - as a matter of principle:) But you might have different attitude - and it is perfectly ok.

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