Plex and chunk files

i have a question.
I have gdrive encrypted mounted with cache.
And plex with this rclone config:

type = cache
remote = drive:
plex_url = http://localhost:32400/web/index.html
plex_username = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
plex_password = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
chunk_size = 5M
info_age = 24h
chunk_total_size = 50G
plex_token = xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I’m watching a tv show.
The first 2 seasons were all been chunked before i started an episode as my show started immeditely as it was locally stored, while starting from season 3 it is not like that anymore. I have to load from net and wait it to been cached.

Is it possible to force a show to be chunked before watching an episode?


How does it know you are going to watch season 3 after season 2?

You’d basically just have to read the file from the mount so it becomes cached. You could copy it to /dev/null or something along those lines.

It could know which season i’ll watch via plex as it is integrated.

What does plex integration? I didn’t understand.

Plex integration turns up the workers when a video is detected by the API as streaming. It normally runs 1 worker and ramps up workers via plex integration.

That’s documented here:

How does Plex know that? Via On Deck? I’d suggest to open a feature request on github if you’d like something like that.

I don’t understad the meaning of workers in this case.
Can you explain to me the meaning of this?
Affected settings: - cache-workers: Configured value during confirmed playback or 1 all the other times


It’s typed up here:

Thank you now it is clearer.

But now i wonder why my first 2 seasons were chunked…

Do you think i have to read all episode or it is enough a start it and then stop and watch it later?

What do you mean with copy to /dev/null?

You can do something like

cat > /dev/null

which basically reads the whole file into /dev/null which is nothing.

Someone else might have a better way/method or idea.

If you want to whole episode cached, you’d have to read the whole thing.

So if i give:
cat EPISODE_FILE > /dev/null
during night, the day after i have it cached?

Yes, it would be the same as reading/downloading the whole file into the cached area, which would stay based on your total cache size.

For me, I’m not following the use case of uploading something to the cloud, to redownload it to store it on a cache to just get rid of it later.

What’s the issue with just hitting play and waiting a few seconds for it to start up?

No, my problem is not to wait untill it starts, my problem is that my internet is very unstable and sametimes it starts and then it stops, unfortunately.

Just another question.
My config is like this
chunk_size = 5M
info_age = 24h
chunk_total_size = 50G

Does this info_age means that my cache will be renewed every 24 h?
If i have movies that doesn’t change content in the file i can leave that value very high?

But does that value also impact frenquency of rclone scanning of new files?

If you aren’t changing the content of the mount, you can keep a much higher value if you want. If you want to change/modify items a lot, the cache won’t know about it until the info_age expires.

It all goes back to your chunk total size of 50G, which once 50GB gets downloaded it starts removing the oldest chunks first.

Nothing renews until you access the file.

Ok for what it is in your cache, but what about new contents? Are they seen at once?
And what about dir if a file is added in an existing one? Is it seen or must i wait dir expires?

I personally don’t use the cache feature.

If new files are added, they are normally picked up via the polling interval, which is 1 minute unless you’ve changed.

dir-cache-time is how long directory / files stay in memory unless something changes it above.

the cache-chunk files are similar to the concept above.

Tnx, now it seems to be clear.
I put 240h as info_age. Let’s see how it works