Plex alternatives

First of all, sorry for my English.

I have very cheap ubuntu VPS. So i cant use plex on this server. Is there any other way to access media from mounted Gdrive and play it in VLC on Windows? Or even on Android device? I dont need any fancy things, direct play is ok for me.

If you don’t need anything fancy, you can just use rclone on your client device and mount and play it there.

Could i mount on unrooted android?

Sorry I wasnt clear in my first post.

Right now i use rclone on me home PC. But i want to have access to my library not only from my PC but from my working pc, from my laptop, from my gf’s laptop etc. I dont wnat to move rclone config with my api keys and crypt settings on someone else’s pc. I mean, I need internet access to my media but my vps way too weak for plex and i really dont want to spend more money. At least not as much as plex needs.

I’m not an android guy at all:

Is a thread on the android.

If you have a fixed set of devices, sharing the rclone config is prety easy. Other than that, maybe some others have some ideas as I haven’t personally explored your use case much at all as I’d use Plex/Emby or something to do that.

I think @calisro might use Kod i and serve his media differently.

No you can’t. Fuse isn’t available to use in that capacity on unrooted Android.

You can run a davs server on Android with rclone and then browse it with many apps like “cx explorer”. I run a davs server on a vps but you can also run it on Android with tools like ConnectBot. It can be done with termux also but I find that to be a sledgehammer to kill a fly so to speak. It’s tricky but it can be done with ConnectBot or even Automate.

If you have a vps, run a davs server and point cx explorer to it or even Kodi for Android. Depends on what you want to do.