Plex ACD without FUSE?


So, my decent internet connection is down for the time being. I have a seed box on Feral that I am using to download my stuff in the meantime.

I have worked through it, and installed rclone, sab, and sonarr. The problem comes that I can’t install FUSE as I have no root access.

I should have no problem running sonarr on my home PC on my VDSL connection, and linking it to my SAB on my seedbox, downloading to my seedbox, and uploading to ACD, right?

Do I need to install fuse at home?

I just want Sonarr to be able to keep track of whats been downloaded, and update with propers.

Basically I want to point Sonarr at my mounted directory on my home PC, but download on my seedbox.

Any tips?

Have you heard with support if they can install FUSE for you? They tend to be really helpful.

They don’t.
Without fuse, you cannot mount and Sonarr would be useless.

You don’t need to use fuse if you are not running plex on Feral, if you are just uploading to ACD then you are fine with running the rclone copy or rclone move command. I am fairly confident that fuse is only used for mounting drives not for copies or moves. You can create a folder to watch and have a chron job that uploads anything in that folder once per hour or something. Or you could have your download client (sabnzbd, nzbget, rtorrent) run a bash script with a timer upon a completed download that that say counts down from 5-15 minutes (to allow time for post processing) and then rclone copy /mnt/dl/tempcopytorrents/TV/ acd:/plexlibrary/TV

something along those lines

My command:
rclone copy -v --no-traverse --transfers=6 --ignore-existing --bwlimit 70M /mnt/TB/!UP/ gdrive:/DATE

rclone copy -v /mnt/your folder with shit you want to upload goes here/ gdrive:/folder you want to dump your shit in on acd or google

You need the FUSE and UnionFS or Sonarr looses track of what it has downloaded and what it hasnt.

gotcha, yeah why don’t you just have sonarr/radarr/couchpotato/sickrage/headphones running on a box at home and have it control, rutorret/sabnzbd/nzbget/ running on the feral remote. Then you can have your fuse mount at home, have your web apps manage things and have plex scan in your library off your fuse mount.

That was my original plan, but for some reason people said it wouldn’t work. I guess you would just set like a 2 minute cron to send stuff to the cloud?

I’d probably do more than 2 minutes but yeah.