Please do not deprecate CACHE backend

I had been using CACHE backend for years.
recently i spotted
WARNING: Cache backend is deprecated and may be removed in future. Please use VFS instead.

and so I gave VFS a try and removed CACHE backend, I have about 2 millions files kept in google drive.

well, VFS is much more slower compared to CACHE back end, at first I though I had to let it read through all metadata of all my files and keep a local record of all metadata, then it should become faster, unfortunately, it is same.

below is my parameter when i use vfs

--umask 000 
--dir-cache-time 999h 
--vfs-cache-mode full
--attr-timeout 999h 
--poll-interval 5m 
--cache-dir /volume1/docker/rclone/gCache/ 
--vfs-read-wait 60ms 
--vfs-cache-max-size 500G 
--buffer-size 32M 
--vfs-cache-max-age 999h 

i hope i did not make stupid mistake for my VFS parameter above.

but when I switched back to CACHE backend, immediately i can notice the different. i guess CACHE backend using database can handle million of small files much better than VFS. please consider to keep the cache backend, although i understand it will be no more active maintenance on it.

thank you.

If you want to use the help and support template, we can probably help out.

There is a future enhancement to store metadata similar to cache so the cache backend is definitely going away as nothing is changing that unfortunately.

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