Please check my RSync command: "Union" sync to single "GDrive remote"


I am planning to Backup/Sync one "Union" remote", including 4 encrypted GDrive remotes, to one single "GDrive remote".

FYI: The 4 encrypted GDrive remotes in the Union are using the same password and the same salt.

I read a lot posts about sync, bit I don't know if I created the correct command for syncing.

I would be glad if somebody could take a look over it and tell me if everything is okay or someone would suggest a different command/flag.

Here it is:
rclone sync --dry-run remote-c:/RClone-SeaFile backup:RClone-SeaFile --check-first --drive-server-side-across-configs --fast-list --ignore-existing --size-only --progress --stats 5s

Here my explaination why choosing this flags ...

  • DryRun = Because I'd like to see what will happen
  • remote-c = This is the union with 4 encrypted GDrive remotes
  • Folder : RClone-SeaFile = This is the folder in the root of the GDrive where all data is
  • check-first = I tells that it will check everything and then start the job. Sounds good, so I added it.
  • drive-server-side-across-configs = Would be great if it could be done server-side
  • fast-list = to save some api calls
  • ignore-existing = If same file, then it shouldn't reupload it.
  • size-only = Hashes on encrypted files doesn't work I read
  • progress = to see the live progress
  • -stats 5s = I don't like to wait so long until update, so I have choosen every 5s

Thank you in advance for checking my sync command.

I did it and it works with union --> remote .

Just in case somebody is it the same situation.

But: --drive-server-side-across-configs is not working.

Whatever I do, it's always Union --> server --> Remote.

I read that I have to share the 4x GDrives with the single GDrive? I did so, but even this did not help.

The remotes in the union are already set to drive-server-side-across-configs=true

And I am running sync with the encrypted remotes (so no decryption in the middle) to the remote that has no encryption. So I transfer the "original" encrypted files to the remote, so they are identical.

Maybe someone can help me with --drive-server-side-across-configs ?

Thanks in advance.

Feels bad as that never updates a file that exists. I am not sure that is what you want. It doesn't check if it is the same file but only if it is existing.

This removes the modtime check and only checks on size. If you have a file that doesn't change size, it would never be updated.

Server side is when you do things on the same cloud remote so if both the source and destination are Google drive as an example, this would be done server side. You have a local remote so this does nothing.

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