Please add LetsUpload ( to config after entering the new remote with name on cmd

Hi. So, I just want a upcoming cloud service provider request for the website to mount it to drive with folders and files that I just got unlimited storage to my account to save photos and videos from putting them on my email account

hello and welcome to the forum,

that site supports access over webdav

so you can use rclone to access that website

OK, I'll check it out

let us know, as we could add that website to the list.

Alright, so I need to know how to mount WEBDAV to the drive from file explorer. Is there an example for the script line that I can enter on cmd?

using rclone, create a webdave remote
i shared the link earlier in the post.

once that is done, you can use rclone mount and mount it as a local drive letter, such as the X: drive.

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So, where do I find it that you did?

earlier, up above in this topic

Alright, thanks! I'll check it out

What does 'rclone mount remote:path/to/files X:' for example mean? And what am I gonna mount to use it for?

you do not have to mount.
just wanted to let you know you can do that, as it is very commonly done

you can have the webdav files appear as the x: drive on your comptuer

OK. Well, can I please have the command script line to run to mount it on my Windows file explorer with rclone mount as well?

And with X: Drive too?

not sure what you mean?

Is there an options for working command line scripts to mount the new drive with WEBDAV to put on Windows 10 file explorer I need?

Cause I'm still not sure just exactly what to do for doing that

you seem to be posting in two topics at the same time.
can you please just post to the other topic, as i have explained what needs to be done there.
if you do have questions, then please post at that other topic.

I've tested that host out of curiosity.
The site was full of annoying ads.
According to Letsupload free accounts have file size limit of 15gb and files are kept for 30 days.

I set it up as WebDAV remote on my Amsterdam VPS. Transfer speeds were very good about 150mbps , I managed to copy 220mb file successfully, but when tested a 990mb file or almost 4gb file I got errors like this one:
ERROR : Attempt 3/3 failed with 1 errors and: corrupted on transfer: sizes differ 1038602027 vs 405504000

When I mounted it and tried to copy a 990mb file into the mount using rclone I got this error:
Attempt 3/3 failed with 1 errors and: multipart copy: write failed: write /root/drive/abc.gz: illegal seek

So this could be useful but doesn't seem to be very reliable.

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