Player Level Authentication

Hi, is there any Player Level Authentication available in rclone? i tried to add password but it open a popup for user and password,
Im looking for only a player level authentication like widevine etc that only authenticate file from player only,
Thanks and appreciated

Are you talking about using rclone serve http here?

You can get the player to send the user/pass can't you?

yes im using rclone serve http
actually i want an authentication without sharing any user/pass to user, only my player can authenticate and play that video.

In the general case this is imposible as your player (which runs in the users browser) can be inspected by the user and the user can work out the credentials needed.

You can only make it harder for the user I think. So you could embed a username/password into the player (obfuscated somehow) which would stop casual users playing videos not via your player.

one more question when i play video from dropbox directly it show all video qualities 360p to 1080p but i play from rclone http proxy it dont show any video quality,
any idea?

rclone serves the file as is, direct play.
dropbox can transcode media files

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