Pixeldrain is in public beta

Hello people,

The pixeldrain filesystem is now available to all subscribers. I have written a guide on my site that explains how to use it.

I have built a complete rclone backend for the filesystem. Some of my customers are already using it. It even supports ChangeNotify now. Though nobody has replied to my pull request yet.

There have been people who asked for this feature. Notably in this thread: Pixeldrain support

And there is a previous thread where we discussed the backend implementation: TestSyncWithTrackRenames failing with new pixeldrain backend

I invite all rclone developers to try it out. I will happily provide any rclone developer who wants to try it with a premium account, free of charge.


Sorry we're swamped with PRs at the moment! If your backend passes the CI and the integration tests it will be easy to merge. Will take a look next week.

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I made sure to follow your style guide and contribution guidelines. All should be good.

All tests are passing.. but sometimes there are race conditions. I'm not sure what causes those. The tests all finish, sometimes there are no errors at all but sometimes it takes a few attempts. I'm still trying to figure out where it actually goes wrong.

Sometimes it looks like this

And other times it looks like this

The tests seem more stable on my dev server than the prod server. The only difference there is that the prod server has a little bit more latency.

If issues come up in the future you can feel free to ping me. I'll gladly maintain this integration.

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