Picture Sync Workflow

I’m trying to build a nice picture workflow for my wife and me. Pictures are taken by Phones and 2 DSLRs.

I’ve got a nice RAID NAS so running 24/7 rclone is no issue. We’re using ACD/GD/DB.

I would like to have the following WF:
Smartphone sycs with an inbound ACD-folder. rclone syncs this folder to the NAS and if I move the images out of the inbound folder on my NAS rclone deletes the moves images from the ACD.

However: how do I not delete the new files uploaded by my phones in the meanwhile?

I think I would need something like 2 step script:
sync NAS ACD (somehow not delete any not yet imported files)
sync ACD NAD

I will place an file with the last sync date in the directory to have some angle for scripting but I try to avoid to have a full blown import history that I need to check on every import.

maybe I can do something like:
copy ACD NAS --max-age “last import 2 age conv”
sync NAS ACD

I let google photos manage transferring/storing my pics. I can then see them in google drive. I sync them nightly inbound to my local fs and delete them from photos. I then back them up to my crypt volumes on both gdrive and acd as backups.

You could use rclone move acd:incoming /path/to/nas which copy the files from the acd incoming directory and delete them when they are transferred to the nas.

Is that what you mean?

That won’t delete files that your phone uploads (unless you get unlucky and both happen to be transferring the same file at the same time which rclone will probably notice because the sizes don’t match).

You’re right, the safest Data flow would bei to Just move the Files to the nas and Not to try to have Phone acd and nas in sync :wink: