¿petabox doesn't have support team?

Im using petabox, but nobody reply on support ticket, somebody have experience with this provider?, is like all team abandoned the service , but still selling in the website.

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No experience with them, so thank you for posting yours -- at the very least it's a cautionary tale for those that may someday consider it.

I just checked and it seems they're charging ~$3/TB/month -- that's quite expensive even when compared to other, better known and better reputed cloud storage providers, like iDrive (which, besides being an rclone sponsor, charges only ~$1.5/TB/month -- and offers a 50% discount for the first year).

If I were in your shoes (and presuming you value your data as much as I value mine), I would move it quickly out of Petabox and into a provider that at least responds to support requests.

petabox uses S3, so i think we should compare that with idrive e2, which also uses S3
after the first year, the price of 1TiB = $2.00/month

i have 5TiB at idrive e2, i pay $10.00/month

fwiw, hetzner storagebox, where i also have 5TiB is $11.74/month
note: storagebox does not support s3, but does support webdav, sftp, samba, ssh login, automatic zfs snapshots and a whole lot more.

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Good point. But isn't the "plain" (non-S3) iDrive also useable with rclone?

Sure, and it's even (a little bit) cheaper at higher capacities, eg 10TB at EUR $20.80.

I was a Herzner client (for their dedicated server product) for over 10 years, and FWIW the experience was generally good. What pi**ed me off was when I cancelled the service, they charged me for an extra month -- so I recommend everyone to read their small letters attentively as there may well be some shenanigans in there.

not 100% sure, but plain is a very different product for a very different type of user.

yeah, good point, i got hit with that once.
that shenanigan applies to storagebox, not for virtual machines.

about hetzner, i have been very impressed.
can rent a cheap vm, mount the storagebox using samba.
--- create a rclone crypt on that mount and use it with jellyfin.
--- as a cheap cloud backup repository for the free/community edition of veeam backup and replication.

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[wrong topic, deleted]

hi, i got an email from hetzner, they are changing their billing model.

so far, no mention about storagebox and shenanigans

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Thanks for the heads-up!

I've tried reading it through but stopped in the middle of the second attempt because it was starting to give me a headache :laughing:

But seriously, from what I can make of it, there will no be any more "extra month after cancellation" shenanigan as they will start charging hourly and only after the monthly period has passed.

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