Persisting Rclone's jobs state

I'm using librclone and calling librclone.RPC(method, input) to invoke jobs with sync/copy.

I want to use the _async flag and poll Rclone for status. But in case my application crashes (and librclone with it) how would I still be able to query the job state? Can it be persisted somewhere?

Hi Elad,

I would expect the job to crash together with your app and librclone. That should be quite easy to verify, if you are already using it.

You could check the effect of --log-file=somelog.txt, but not sure exactly how it plays with librclone.

If you would like the job to continue if your app chrashes, then you can decouple using rclone rcd and send the requests using HTTP.

Thanks Ole
Will the job crash with server side copy too?

There is no simple answer to that, it depends a lot on the command and backend.

Cheers Ole, appreciated

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