Persistent Flags/Arguments

Is there a way to make a flag persistent when using a certain mount? I tried adding exclude = '.DS_Store' to my rclone.conf, but no dice.

For example:

I never want to copy my .DS_Store files. However if I move an entire directory to a remote rclone copy ~/directory remote:directory the local .DS_Store will, of course, copy.

I'd like to be able to run rclone copy without having to use --exclude .DS_Store every time.

And I don't think there's a way to express "exclude all files starting with a . without pulling other things in to the filter. Is there?

No and there really should be!

I had the idea of making profiles in the config file where you could put defaults for flags.

This could probably be extended to the the backend configs too.

It can be done... Something like

.*   All files starting with a .
.*/** All files in a directory starting with a dot

You can then combine these like this


I think that will work... Use rclone ls to test!

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