Permission Issue GoogleDrive RaspberryPi4B

If I am in the folder I can create files:

e.g. pi@allskyLA:~/mnt/gdrive $ touch xz.txt


If I'm not in the folder, I don't have permission:

e.g. pi@allskyLA:~ $ sudo touch /home/pi/mnt/gdrive/dummy.txt

--> touch: cannot touch '/home/pi/mnt/gdrive/dummy.txt': Permission denied

please help

hello and welcome to the forum,

try adding --allow-other to the mount command.

when you first posted, there was a template of questions, now is the time to provide all the answers

and need to post the output of commands with -vv

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rclone v1.53.3-DEV
Google Drive


2022/06/16 22:28:34 DEBUG : rclone: Version "v1.53.3-DEV" starting with parameters ["rclone" "mount" "gdrive:" "/home/pi/mnt/gdrive" "--allow-other" "-vv"]
2022/06/16 22:28:34 DEBUG : Creating backend with remote "gdrive:"
2022/06/16 22:28:34 DEBUG : Using config file from "/home/pi/.config/rclone/rclone.conf"
2022/06/16 22:28:35 DEBUG : Google drive root '': Mounting on "/home/pi/mnt/gdrive"
2022/06/16 22:28:35 mount helper error: fusermount: failed to access mountpoint /home/pi/mnt/gdrive: Permission denied
2022/06/16 22:28:35 Fatal error: failed to mount FUSE fs: fusermount: exit status 1

that is a very old version of rclone,
need to install latest stable at Install

need to check dir permissions for the mountpoint.

thanks for your help jojo - installed v1.58.1

how can I activate the permission for the mountpoint?

i am not an expert at linux but what i do is create a folder such as
/rclone and then create two subdirs
/rclone/mountpoint and /rclone/cache
and run a command such as rclone mount gdrive: /rclone/mountpoint/gdrive

but to answer your direct question, i think you need to change the permission /home/pi/mnt/gdrive
same as with any linux dir

with the new version i stuck here. with my older version i logged in with a provided link for google account :confused:

oh yeah, google changed some polices and that old way no longer works.
and rclone had to change its behavior as a result.

just follow the instructions and read the docs.

as per
"Disable OAuth OOB flow (copy a token) due to Google deprecation (Nick Craig-Wood)
See the deprecation note."

i dont understand these insstructions.

Execute the following on the machine with the web browser (same rclone
version recommended):
rclone authorize "drive" "eyJzY29wZSI6ImRyaXZlIn0"


why did you choose n for auto config instead of the default yes?

bro sure you can help me??

for auto config choose the default y

ahh i uncommented in /etc/fuse.conf 'user_allow_other'

good, that often needs to be done

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