Permission denied on /var/lib/snapd/void/ copying from Google Drive

Just installed rclone via snap onto Ubuntu 16.04 and configured it to access my Google Drive account.

I can access GDrive with ‘rclone ls GoogleDrive:’ and see the contents.

However if I try and copy files down from GDrive to my local machine via:

rclone copy GoogleDrive:SOURCE_FILE .

(where SOURCE_FILE is the name of the file I’m trying to download) I always get an error:

ERROR : SOURCE_FILE : Failed to copy: open /var/lib/snapd/void/SOURCE_FILE: permission denied.

The /var/lib/snapd/void directory is root-owned and root-only-writeable.

If I make this directory a+rw then the rclone copy command completes without any error BUT, rather than storing the file in the current directory, it stores it in /var/lib/snapd not the current directory.

Am I doing something wrong?



Update: Looks like rclone works fine if I use the non-snap version.