Pcloud list error when syncing


I can list files in pcloud with rclone browser without a problem.

However, when I try to upload sync, I get the following error.

2020/07/05 20:01:22 Failed to sync: couldn't list files: Get "https://api.pcloud.com/listfolder?folderid=0": dial tcp: lookup api.pcloud.com: no such host

Don't understand why it can't list when syncing, but it can in normal rclone browser view?

Any ideas?

This means that your computer could find the IP address for api.pcloud.com.

It's most likely a problem with your local DNS server.

I don't really understand the error as it only shows when I try to sync, but not when rclone first lists the files for rclone browser?

If it was DNS issue only, then I'm guessing rclone browser wouldn't be able to list either?

The error is definitely a DNS issue. Maybe it is intermittent? What happens if you try to visit https://api.cloud.com in your browser? You should get a message like this

{ "statusCode": 500, "message": "Internal server error", "activityId": "74b8b944-9a1e-41b2-a0df-35d5f99902e3" }

If you type host api.pcloud.com in the terminal does that always work?

Could there be a firewall or proxy blocking connections?

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