Pcloud as alternative to ACD

I’ve been looking at many different ‘cloud’ services that I can use to replace ACD. I have been using ACD as a backup that everyone in my household can use. ACD hasn’t been great, but gives us peace of mind that we wont lose lose a lifetime of photos/videos if/when a PC/hard drive crashes.

I’ve looked into the GSuite and personal 1TB options on Google, but since everyone in my household has Android (and in effect their own Google Drive account), it’s one more step for everyone to remember to switch accounts back and forth when creating backup files. I don’t want to be scrubbing our shared cloud storage of takeout menu PDFs since someone forgot to switch accounts.

So I’ve been looking at B2, Dropbox, box, OneDrive, Yandex, etc. All of which have their caveats. I came across pCloud and it looks promising. Elegant UI, inexpensive ($8/month for 2TB), supported on most platforms, etc. Only downside I’m seeing is that I haven’t head much if ANYTHING about pCould… and that rclone doesn’t support it.

Has anyone used it? What did you think? Would it be worth trying to integrate into rclone?

VERY expensive, as I see.

How so? It’s not unlimited, but unless you stick with ACD, or assume Google won’t enforce the 1TB limit, there aren’t many 2TB options out there… unless you pay per GB which can end up being expensive.

Google Drive is $10/TB. This is $4/TB.

google drive doesnt hold u to the 1tb/user (yet) but it does have unlimited for 5 users+

if we calculate a 5 user base = 50$/mo for my library which is 25tb thats 2$/tb/month … and i have one of the small libraries here so pricing/tb gets smaller the more content u have…

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Hi - I’m also looking at using pcloud with rclone. Pcloud itself has been on my radar for a long while but I don’t like the additional $4/mo for their client side encryption and I’d rather use rclone (via pcloud client/mount). It does seem like a good/unique fit/price for those of us needing a bit more than 1TB but not massive amounts. The next best option is b2. Pcloud:.004/mo; b2:.005/mo (@2TB, pcloud $24 cheaper/yr and no retrieval charges). Unfortunately their custom plans for higher storage are MORE expensive (per TB) than the 2TB one (odd).

I’d be surprised if someone hasn’t already gone through using rclone copy with pcloud as mounted drive, so it would be great to hear others experiences. Of primary concern is how will the pcloud client handle getting fed data way faster than it can upload it. I remember back in the bticasa heyday we needed to add -bwlimit and sometimes other flags to our rsync commands to keep things running smoothly for the uploads. I’m guessing the same will apply when using rclone. Until rclone natively supports it via their api that is. :wink: I did do some searching online for notes about rsync & pcloud, but didn’t find much.

I hope to test next week, but any input would be great to hear. Thanks!

Sync.com seems to be a better alternative to pCloud and the client side encryption is included in the price.

Hmm, sync.com is a good tool, but not really for the purposes of using rclone or storing/backing up multiple data sets. Sync.com is primarily for sync’ing files (their online-only “vault” wouldn’t work with rsync/rclone mechanisms). pCloud is primarily for mounted remote storage - mounts as a drive on your computer. Also, Sync: no linux or api. I can’t think of a scenario where you would use sync.com with rclone.

Looks like pCloud would work with rClone by setting up a ‘local’ destination… I was able to build the pCloud CLI interface on my RaspberryPi, however due to my limited filesystem size (OS distro runs solely out of RAM), I don’t have enough ‘free space’ on in my home directory to upload/download files. It looks like pCloud wants to reserve about 5GB of space for cache. I may try and see if I can move the cache location to my external drive, but my gut tells me that their API isn’t that flexible.

@crakerjac See if there’s a config setting to change the cache size. There is in the mac gui. Although my initial tests indicate that copying to the mounted drive ignores the cache size and just puts all the files into the cache (then deletes them as uploaded). Not sure what the client will do if there isn’t enough space on the cache volume.

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