Pausing Upload for a short duration?

Is there a way to Pause an upload (Google Drive) for a short duration (1-3min).
I know that Google Drive doesn't support resuming uploads but there must be some form of Timeout before the Upload is canceled.
At the moment the problem is that a few seconds after losing the connection rclone will throw errors and stop the upload.

I want to use this to restart my router without losing the upload progress. So its fine if it requires me to do something manually right before the connection is gone and after its running again.

rclone 1.51.0

Windows 10, 64 Bit

Google Drive

rclone move

You can increase retries and low level retries perhaps, but there isn't a concept of pause as the network layer would drop those connections.

Generally, I don't reboot my router when I have transfers going on as that will interrupt things.

My Router has the annoying problem that I have to restart it every 24-48h or my connection gets unstable. The uploads take several days so I can't just wait for them to finish.

It would be nice to have an option to stop the Upload once the currently uploading files are completed but that has been discussed in other threads.

I'm not sure what you mean by stop the upload once the uploading files are done? Doesn't it stop once everything is uploaded?

Sounds like you need to replace that router! :slight_smile:

It's only uploading 4 files at a time.
So maybe I want to upload 10 files. 4 are currently uploading. Once a file is completed it will start uploading the next file of those 10. With stop I mean it will no longer upload once these 4 are uploaded and I end up with having 6 files locally and 4 in the cloud.

The problem with the router is a bit more complicated. At the moment I only have a native IPv6 address and no native IPv4. Thats the actual problem. I could upgrade that from my ISP but to do So I need to Upgrade to a different router and that one is out of Stock for weeks.

If you want to upload 4 files, why not just upload 4 and be done? You can pick the 4 you want to upload via a plethora of methods and upload the 6 after. You can split them up in two scripts or anyway you want if the goal is to only up 4 files.

You can also use transfers to do 2 at a time, 1 at a time, 8 at a time, etc, but you seem to be bandwidth constrained so maybe less is better?

I don't want to upload 4 files. I Only used that as an example for what I mean with "stopping"
I want to upload all files in a certain folder.

Your right about using a script. That would give me the option to implement such a functionality myself.

If you are on linux you should just be able to CTRL-Z the process.

What errors is it failing on? Maybe these should be errors that rclone retries? Can you send a log?

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you might try changing the bandwidth limit to 1b

If you configure rclone with a [remote control]( then you can use change the bwlimit dynamically:
rclone rc core/bwlimit rate=1M

If windows, wont this work?

i was trying to offer a rclone only solution, but yes, you can suspend a task.

i use this

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