Pause/start cloning based on monthly quota

Can rclone be configured to do a large file transfer until a specified monthly data transfer limit is reached, then pause until the start of the next moth and continue transferring until the limit is again reached. I want to transfer a large amount of data from local storage to cloud storage, but my sip has a set maximum data transfer maximum each month. I'm looking for a tool that would allow me to set a maximum monthly data transfer cap, then haver cloud start/stop transfers automatically, staying below the cap until the entire drive is copied. --bwlimit seems to apply only to data transfer rates and not data amount per time unit

--bwlimit is probably the easiest way.

Say your cap is 100G per month. You need to work out how many MB/s that is for the --bwlimit parameter.

>>> 100E9/30.4/24/60/60
>>> 38072.61208576998/1024

So in that case you could use --bwlimit 37k - this means that if rclone used 37kBytes/s for the whole month, it would transfer 100GByte of data.

You could then leave it running continuously.

Thanks for the suggestion. I will give it a try!

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