Pause Google Drive transfer?

Hi guys!

With large transfers, can you pause them or is pausing actually not supported by Google Drive?

This would come in very handy for large files.

If you Ctrl + C the process and then restart, the entire file gets uploaded again.

It doesn't continue where you left of.

You'd have to wait for the resume upload feature to get done.

If you check github, it's out there.


not sure of your use- case.

a possible workaround would be to reduce the bandwidth to a very low value.
Remote Control / API

@Animosity022 nice, thanks! Which bug id is that? Do you know?

@asdffdsa reducing bandwidth, how does that exactly help here?

You can search on github as well as I was hoping you'd just do that :slight_smile:

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just a suggestion, for example, if you want to reduce bandwidth, while another process is running.

that on-the-fly, the bandwidth can be decreased to almost zero and increased as needed.

@Animosity022 ah, thank you!! :slight_smile:

@asdffdsa that's really interesting. Going to give it a try, thanks!

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