Parsing Debug Output

Are there docs on how to parse debug output?

For example, I’m seeing a lot of
ChangeNotify and type=3
What is type 3?

Or after attr: there’s ino=0 what is ino ?

Everything works fine... I just kind of want to know what I’m looking at and it doesn’t seem to be part of the regular docs

No, it is supposed to be reasonably self explanatory but might require looking at the source to understand fully!

I think it is a file change (or maybe a directory change). That isn't a good log!

That is the inode number.

I haven't attempted to document the DEBUG logs...

So when running without VFS this would always be zero, then?

I’ll dig around; I’m sure it’s well commented. :slight_smile:

It isn't real ever, so I wouldn't worry about it!

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