Package releases in .tar[.gz]?

:wave: I've been using chezmoi to manage my dotfiles and their .chezmoiexternal.<format> supports unzip, but since unzip doesn't have a --strip-components <N> equivalent, I end up with something like... anticipated/path/to/rclone being... anticipated/path/to/rclone-<platform>-<version>/rclone. The main reason this matters is that anticipated/path/to is in my $PATH, but not its children.

Maybe this is a N=1 kinda problem, but I figured I'd ask anyway – would it be possible to package releases for MacOS and Linux into .tar[.gz]? (Especially considering that .tar[.gz] is natively supported on both without 3rd party tools.) (Lol. I know that MacOS' Archive Utility can handle .zip, but it also handles .tar, and from what I can tell the .zip package is just meant to be a single-file container, which is exactly the purpose .tar serves.)

I'm happy to make a PR for this, but haven't the foggiest idea where to start. It seems like the Makefile's ci_upload would be the place to do this?

You are not the first person to ask for this!

zip often isn't installed on linux boxes and .tar.gz would be more convenient there.

I think unzip does have the option you want though..

-j  junk paths (do not make directories)

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