Package available at conda-forge


last week I created a conda-forge recipe for packaging rclone, and now it lives in this repo.

My question: is anyone else interested in being a maintainer for the recipe?

Conda-forge has some bots that will pick up new versions and open PRs, here is an example for the 1.50.2 release.

(and thanks for the awesome software! I've been recommending it to scientists for data backup and transferring, here is a tutorial I made two weeks ago for a training session :smiley_cat:)

Looks neat! I've not heard of conda before...

I have heard of anaconda though so I guess it evolved into conda and became language and OS agnostic?

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Anaconda is a software distribution (and also the company now), but the package manager is called conda. While it was initially focused on the scientific Python stack, it had to integrate other language tooling (especially for C/C++ and Fortran) to be able to build essential Python packages (like Numpy and Scipy).

conda-forge is a channel (a collection of packages) maintained by the community, and greatly expanded the availability of packages to install. They also started supporting more languages (like go, for example), and is not restricted to just data science packages.

And then you also have bioconda, which builds on top of conda-forge to support more bioinformatics software.

Anyway, it's pretty useful to install software =]

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