Overwrite destination if source newer and vice versa

Using rclone, is there a way using rclone to overwrite the source if the destination is newer? I basically want to set up a system similar to the way Google Backup and Sync works, where if I make a change on my machine, it gets updated on the cloud, but if I make a change on the cloud then the local copy gets updated instead. I think rclone sync is the closes I've found so far, but the problem is that that overwrites the destination regardless of if it is actually a newer file. Is there such a command?

You'd have to do two syncs with the --update flag. One from local to drive and one the other way .

I think that would do what want - test lots first!

Deleting files needs care though, maybe you'd be better off using rclone copy and making a separate prodecure for deleting files

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