Overview of cloud storage systems: which is the most popular among rclone users?

I found the helpful overview on https://rclone.org/overview/.

Which of the cloud storage systems mentioned there is the most popular among rclone users?

Are there any statistics or user polls?

I couldn’t find a poll so I decided to create one:


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Suggestion: that poll ought to let you select more than one.

Also, what’s local file system doing there, as it’s not cloud storage?

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I was thinking of that too.But there are some storage companies (e.g. Dlink) that claimed their storage device is “cloud storage” (access from anywhere), that’s probably where the “local storage” as cloud comes from.

Here comes the multiple choice version: http://www.strawpoll.me/13390266

Also, what’s local file system doing there, as it’s not cloud storage?

It’s listed on the page https://rclone.org/overview/ which is called “Overview of cloud storage systems”.

Nice poll - interesting to see drive is by far the most popular.

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I agree. Do we know why Google Drive is so popular?

Cost and everyone who had a Google account already had the service.

Plus it is pretty reliable!

By cost assume you mean it’s cheap. But aren’t there services like Backblaze B2 that are significantly cheaper?

Moreover, isn’t the backup to Google Drive really slow if you have a lot of small files?

Yes but services like b2 are made for a different propose since you pay by transaction and download are more expensive than upload. B2 is also not a great performer in my experience.

I use b2 for long term storage, Google for everyday use, and sftp for other minor propose. Amazon used too be my daily driver until the whole fiasco…

Google is slower with large numbers of small files, you are correct. It’s never bothered me in my use cases.

What do you backup that you need everyday? Everything I backup, I never had the need to restore it. Just good to know it’s somewhere safely…

For long term (I never need to touch it) b2 is perfect for me. Essentially my backup of my backup.

I use Google as an extension of my hard drive in a lot of areas. Between media, pictures, business documents. Etc… Many devices interact with g drive so it’s a good cloud drive for me…

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This almost sounds like file sharing and Dropbox-like synchronization to me. :slight_smile:

It sure is similar but $720 a year for unlimited dropbox to get the amount of storage space on google is just crazy to me. Even their 2TB option (which is too small for me and has a 3 user minimum) is $450 a year. That is ~$300/yr more than I am paying now under my own companies’ gsuites.