Output progress statistics to another log-file


I would like to monitor progress of a rclone sync. Is there a way to output progress statistics to another file than the --log-file argument? Would be a bonus if it’s a clean output instead of an append too.



What platform?

On linux you can

Rclone sync /blah drive: 2>&1 | tee /some/log


Rclone sync /blah drive: 2>&1 > /some/log


sorry I should have mentioned that.

It’s on a linux platform (ubuntu 16.04).

This is the output I would like on the second file (one for log, one for progress):

Transferred: 2.477G / 2.963 GBytes, 84%, 759.387 kBytes/s, ETA 11m11s
Errors: 0
Checks: 0 / 0, -
Transferred: 2734 / 2944, 93%
Elapsed time: 57m0s

  •      docs/IMG_2243.MOV: 75% /64.857M, 2.452k/s, 1h52m33s

This is my command:

rclone sync --transfers 32 --log-level INFO --log-file=/var/log/backup.log /media/scripts/ coldbackup:/media/sf_coldbackup/ --backup-dir coldbackup:/media/sf_coldbackup/rclone_delete/



I believe you’re going to have to rely on shell trickery to do that using pipes with egrep or similar approach.