Output MD5 hashes of encrypted files during copy/sync


Where can I find MD5 hases which are generated when files are being encrypted and sent to a crypt destination? I suspect enabling verbose logging might help me?

What I want is the MD5 hash of each file which are being encrypted before they are sent with rclone copy or sync to destination so I can manually verify local MD5 hash of the encrypted file vs. the remote API's MD5 hash of the encrypted file I sent. The only currently solution I know of is calculating rclone md5sum locally of the decrypted file and mount the destination partition and re-download each file for calculation of the MD5 checksum.

Thanks in advance!

hello and welcome to the forum,

have you read about this command?

Thank you very much for fast reply!

I was not aware of that. Cryptcheck with --one-way should do the trick for at least the verifying part after transfering files. Is it possible to only use cryptcheck for files which have e.g. modtime less than 1 week from today to skip veryfing already verified files? When comparing files during copy/sync I guess --size-only is enough since I can verify with cryptcheck afterwards, i.e. equivalent of using checksum with -c.

One more thing. According to global flags:

      --no-update-modtime                    Don't update destination mod-time if files identical.

How does rclone know that the file is identical? Let's say that I've multiple local hosts copying files to the same drive/folder structure, which means that identical files can have same size, but different modtime. If I don't use any flags as -c or --size-only, modtime and size is compared between files. Will the destination files get fully uploaded every time a host is copying it's files to the destination when modtime is different and not size or is just modtime changed for the file to the latest timestamp of the sources which have copied to destination?

the default is to upload a file when the sizes or the timestamps are different.
you can use the flags to change that behaviour.

you should do some testing by using this flag and a log file.
on your computer create two folders with a set of files with the same name.
and change the size and or timestamp of the files.
and then run rclone and see what happens

Okey, then I'll use --size-only to prevent uploading the same file with the same size when the modtimes are different. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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