OSX : renaming a file in a rclone union folder copies the file to the local file system

Hello there,

I was wondering if this behavior is expected : on OSX, renaming a file from a mounted rclone union mount (gdrive --> gcrypt --> rclone union --> mount) does not rename the file on gdrive but copies the file with the new filename to the writable local folder of the union mount.

Is this behavior expected ?

Animosity found that out on another problem I encountered here :

Thank you !

How are you renaming it though? I can Sonarr/Radarr were doing a "link" command, which I'm not sure why.

It does the same thing if I rename directly in the finder.

Downloads the file with the proper filename and deletes the original one from gdrive, not reuploading anything (nothing is set up for uploads from my mount).

I identified the issue with the accents and posted the identified problem in the first post by the way ! Well ... I think so. And the solution seems out of my reach.

I don't see the same thing.

When I run a mount and in finder, it does a move command:

2019/08/29 06:39:13 DEBUG : test.txt: >Attr: a=valid=1s ino=0 size=104857600 mode=-rw-r--r--, err=<nil>
2019/08/29 06:39:13 DEBUG : /: Rename: oldName="test.txt", newName="testing.txt", newDir=/
2019/08/29 06:39:15 INFO  : test.txt: Moved (server side)
2019/08/29 06:39:15 DEBUG : test.txt: Updating file with testing.txt 0xc0005a17c0

Can you do the same thing and run your mount with -vv and share the log?

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