Option to replace files when doing check or cryptcheck

when doing a check or cryptcheck of rclone check localdir remote:dir a feature to overwrite destination files that fail the crypt check automatically upon failure would be handy. at the moment, the only way to delete them, especially on a crypt remote, is the use rclone delete and either enter each file manually by name, or just delete the whole directory. If the directory and the failed files are both large, this can be rather cumbersome.
unless there's some way to do this that i'm not aware of. feel free to enlighten me :slight_smile:


take the output of those commands and feed that to a rclone command with a filter.
something like,
rclone check localdir remote:dir --differ=diff.txt
rclone copy localdir remote:dir --files-from=diff.lst --dry-run

ha! clever. hadn't thought of that. i'll use that for now.

one issue. copy command doesn't overwrite unchanged files. so everything works fine, until i run the last command and rclone sees the files are already there with the same date/size and then just says "nothing to transfer. is there a "copy overwrite" function i'm missing?

what is the operating system rclone is running on?

windows server and windows 10

you can use --ignore-times to force an overwrite

thanks, i keep forgetting about that flag

yep. works like a charm :smirk: thanks guys.

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