Optimized delete for dropbox

it is possible to optimize the delete something? if I delete a folder containing 50 files.doesn’t delete the whole folder and its contents at once, rclone goes first goes into the directory and deletes each file individually. what takes forever for subfolders in the directory with many files.

for a directory with 50 files approx. takes about 1 minute
if I take several directories with 50 files each, then from 1 minute to 2-3 minutes per directory which then increases expotential.


update: the same is then also when moving directories he goes through every file.

I see you are using rclone mount. The file system interface doesn’t provide a delete directory operation so there is no option to delete each file individually. However if you use rclone purge dropbox:path/to/dir/you/want/to/delete then rclone will delete the entire directory and subfolders instantly.

If you just use mv on the command line to move a directlory in the mount then it should be instant.

Are you using the latest rclone 1.38?

this will be difficult because of the overview because the directories are not clearly readable because of the encryption encfs. i have 3 mount points and with rclone ls remote:/ all unreadable about the crypted chars.

encfs 8.0T 4.0T 4.0T 50% /home/local-upload
remote: 1.0P 0 1.0P 0% /home/online-crypted-readable <— rclone mount
encfs 1.0P 0 1.0P 0% /home/online-decrypted-readable

I tried it via ftp and shell with mv but it takes long. i am currently using rclone v1.38-012-g00fe6d95β

Increasing --checkers and --transfers will increase the number of things rclone can do at once - that might help.