Optimization for quick directory listing (in mount)

Hey guys, I’ve been mounting my cloud with great results overall.
However, I notice that directory listing can be very slow, even in Linux.
I wanted to know which are the best settings to retrieve the listing of a folder as fast as possible in a non-command line environment.
I have a folder with some 600 files or so, no subdirectories, but everytime I try to access it in Ubuntu or Windows it takes some minutes to “render” in the file explorer.
I use these settings:

–dir-cache-time 48h
–vfs-read-chunk-size 64M
–vfs-read-chunk-size-limit 500M
–buffer-size 64M

It’s funny, because a folder with tons of subfolders will render quite fast, quickly showing all the subdirectories.

Maybe the OS is trying to read parts of all the files inside while the folder is being accessed (I see that Windows tries to render a thumbnail, but it takes a long time also in Linux).

What can be done to accelerate this? I mostly want to manage these files through the file explorer (renaming, moving etc.).

Can you try listing that directory from the command iine (before you do it in explorer) and see how fast that is?

So cd to the directory then dir or ls?

Then we can see if it is the explorer reading thumbnails or whatever it is doing.

Yes, it lists normally and quite quickly when using terminal commands or rclone itself.
Surely explorer is trying to cache some data of the files, so I was wondering if there’s a quickier way to do this management (one with a GUI, because terminal works quite fast already).

I think what you want to do is turn off thumbnails which hopefully your explorer will have an option for. Ideally you’d want to do it on a per directory basis.

For exploring files rclone ncdu works quite well.