Optimal compatibility for mounting rclone crypt on NFS share?

With recent dropbox changes there are no affordable cloud providers offering unlimited storage, so I am moving all my libraries (400TB) to a local server.

NFS mount for /mnt/encrypted

sudo mount /mnt/encrypted


type = crypt
remote = /mnt/encrypted
filename_encryption = standard

rclone mount for /mnt/decrypted

rclone mount decrypted: /mnt/decrypted
--vfs-cache-mode writes
--log-level ERROR
--log-file=$LogFile &

union mount command

-o cow,allow_other,nonempty,auto_cache,sync_read
/mnt/decrypted=RW:/mnt/dropboxcrypt=RO /mnt/cloud

Plex Media server, Radarr,Sonarr,NZBget, Transmission are pointing to folder /mnt/cloud (which have 2 subfolders: movies,series)
When data is copied/moved to /mnt/cloud/ is written on /mnt/decrypted trough rclone crypt.

Once all the data has been moved from Dropbox, I plan to use rclone exclusively to mount /mnt/decrypted

This setup is used on two servers: one serves as the download machine (Radarr, Sonarr, NZBGet, and Transmission), and the second functions as a Plex Media Server.

I am storing and executing some scripts from the /mnt/decrypted/scripts directory.
I have observed that when I modify a script on Server A, the changes are not reflected on Server B.
@ncw Could this be due to rclone caching the file content? If so, how can I disable this caching feature?

If anyone has recommendations for optimizing current mounts to achieve optimal performance, I would greatly appreciate your input.

This will probably be the directory cache which is 5 minutes by default.

You can set this much lower for an all local setup.

--dir-cache-time duration   Time to cache directory entries for (default 5m0s)

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