Optimal cache settings for Plex streaming?

I am using the latest version of rclone for Windows. I use my own client ID/APY key with Gdrive. I have 1Gbps connection.

I am looking to directly stream my videos from Gdrive with Rclone mount and Plex, without getting banned by Gdrive for too many API calls.

I have a crypted google drive remote and also created a cache remote for it.
This is what it looks like:

 type = crypt
 remote = gdrive:/Backup/
 filename_encryption = standard 
 directory_name_encryption = true
 password = *****

 type = cache
 remote = gdrive-crypt:/
 chunk_size = 10M
 info_age = 2d
 chunk_total_size = 10G

I use this to mount my Gdrive:

rclone mount gdrive-crypt-cache:/ G: --read-only

Is this good enough for my usage? Or should I use VFS cache options?


  • never heard of any rclone user getting banned from gdrive.
    it might be possible to use too many api calls and prevented from using gdrive for a period of time, but almost impossible from streaming from plex.

  • you should remove the cache backend, it is buggy, never left beta, not maintained and soon to be depreciated.
    just use gdrive-crypt, not gdrive-crypt-cache
    "There are many docs online describing the use of the cache backend to minimize API hits and by-and-large these are out of date and the cache backend isn't needed in those scenarios any more"

Thanks. Makes sense.

I'd still like to use caching though as it's faster in case I need to rewatch something.

What should I do then? Use any VFS cache options?

if you have a setup that is working for you and so far, not hitting any api limits,
then there is a need to change your setup.

in any event, the cache backend is going away.
it is going to be replaced with an updated vfs cache in the beta version of rclone.


So rclone mount gdrive-crypt-cache:/ G: --read-only is just perfect enough for Plex?

One last thing. Say I have a txt file in the crypted remote I open with rclone mount, can I edit it from file explorer? Will it still be encrypted?

that is a fuzzy word.
if there is something not perfect for you with your current setup, what is it?

try it and see what happens.

all files in the mount an encrypted on gdrive but decrypted locally if you access it.
else plex would not be able to work.

I can copy files within file explorer to the mounted encrypted remote. They get encrypted/decrypted automatically as you say.

But cannot edit from within it.

Is there a way to do that?

the mount is read-only

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