Operations/uploadfile with rclone docker image is saving file inside "/data"

Hello Experts,

I am using rclone docker image to run rclone in rc mode.
And trying to upload file (gcp service account key file) to rclone machine using " operations/uploadfile" end point.

I am able to upload the file to rclone machine but only thing I am noticing is, though I am mention the target path as "/config/rclone/remote-keys" it is uploading the file to "/data/config/rclone/remote-keys" location.
That is by default its landing inside "/data" directory.

Is there anyway to upload files to "/config/rclone/remote-keys" instead of "/data/config/rclone/remote-keys" ?

Behavior of "operations/uploadfile" is as expected with standalone installations , this above mentioned issue is with only docker container.


What are the parameters to the operations/uploadfile call? That might throw some light.

Thanks for the quick reply @ncw

Below is the example url what I am using -


And using multipartbody (java) to attach the file to be uploded.


What is in RcloneLocalFS: ?

I would just use / so


"RcloneLocalFS" is a remote name - to which I am uploading file.

Remote name is "RcloneLocalFS" and that is pointing rclone installed server (remote type = local)

/data/config/rclone # rclone config show RcloneLocalFS
type = local

Try just using / instead

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