Openmediavault with existing Mergerfs

I never play with Rclone :slight_smile:
I have a nas with Openmediavault with 11 data drive in Mergerfs.
I want to try gsuite pro account with rclone for move some files from local to cloud.

I have a ssd out of the mergerfs for my docker, like plex, radarr etc.
i have an hdd out of mergerfs for download.

I never touch one line in configuration of Union filesystems ( mergerfs ) because OpenMediaVault have a nice gui for that and it work.
all media files are on this mergerfs called TANK.

this is the gui :

Plex, radarr, sonarr use files from this mergerfs.
It will be very nice if I can add Rclone mount in this mergerfs because all software don't see change if I move local files to gsuite cloud.

Do you think it's possible to add a rclone mount in Openmediavault directly from the union filesystem gui ?
I want to be sure before buy a gdrive account.

maybe i'm on the wrong track and you have another solution to offer me.

I've never used Openmediavault, but I do use mergerfs and rclone with Google Drive account and it works great.

You can try to install the openmediavault-mergerfsfolders plugin through the OMV Web GUI. After that, on the left you'll have a tab for mergerfs folders, under Storage. You add an entry there, just like you did on the Union Filesystems tab. In my case, I added the mount point for my GDrive remote and the mount point for my Union Filesystem.

Do be careful with the rules you choose for the Create Policy and Minimum free space.

This all requires you to have already set up your rclone remote pointing to your gdrive and mounted that same remote to your filesystem. While this can all sound very daunting, it's actually extremely simple.

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Hi Yaiba and Animosity022 !
Thanks a lot for the time you spend for answer.

Yaiba : do you have a mergerfs rule for all hdd in your union and an other rules for mergerfsfolders ?

for now without gdrive I link all my radarr, sonarr plex on /serv/xxxxxxxxxxxx/movies/
how do you do with this mergerfsfolders ?

I point every application that uses it to my mergerfs mount point so Sonarr/Radarr/Plex/Torrent client/etc.

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yesterday while I was reading pages and pages about rclone, I saw your nickname everywhere :slight_smile: nice github information. I see what you do; I think everyone was inspired by your work.
you are very nice to spend time

I will wait for Yaiba who do exactly what I want with Openmediavault.

I think openmediavault-mergerfsfolders create a mergerfs of gsuite + an union of disk

If it's that I think that create a new /srv/xxxxxxxxxx and this is this one Yaiba use in radarr, plex, etc.

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Yeah, you can just use the mount created by the mergerfs folders plugin and point all your services there.

Ok thank Yaiba ! I have to try that !!!

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