as ACD replacement

Since its always good idea to have your stuff on at least 2 differed cloud providers eg those having only ACD now have tons of unnecessary problems we need to find some good cloud provider.

So far opendrive looks amazing:

Vote for rclone support here:
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p.s. The only question is what kind of upload/download speed will they support.

is it supported by rclone?

Not yet but vote it here:
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Terms - 5.
You are permitted to store, manipulate, analyze, reformat, print, and display the Content only for your personal use. Unauthorized use of the Service, or the resale of the Services without OpenDrive’s prior written consent, is expressly prohibited. You shall not copy, license, sell, transfer, transmit, make available, distribute, publish, or assign this license or the Content in any format to any third party. Unlimited plans are intended for normal personal use only. Any excessive use of storage or bandwidth is subject to us requiring that use be modified to comply with this standard. Failure to comply will result in immediate termination of your account and removal of all stored files.

Terms - 12. seems interesting. if they decide to lock you, they may delete all your data. they may charge you for any file you still wan't to access after locking you?

Same as anyone else, like google. But they do not grant you access to anything after locking you without a fee.

Google is known to give you access your files after locking you. therefore it seems a bit of a worse deal.

Also Google has more resources as opendrive at his hands. Therefore opendrive is much more likely to lock you down if you are not complying with "personal use".

@Philip_Konighofer Yes Amazon had same term about excessive use and we are not talking about gdrive replacement we are talking about additional unlimited storage provider where we can backup our stuff in case GDrive becomes unavailable or to expensive.

If one day google say you need to pay 50$ per month for unlimited storage you cant do much about it since its already in their terms.

And thats bound to happen at one point since its perfect for them, users knew what they are buying and once you have tons of stuff its more likely you will say fuck it and add 4 more accounts to it.

i know. just saying: no bandwidth limits is not true.

the thing is, no other provider besides amazon and google offering unlimited has even remotely similar capabilities to actually back that ‘unlimited’ statement.
at the end of 2015, microsoft suspended their unlimited plans because people uploaded 75TB+ to their accounts.
if microsoft won’t stand for it, opendrive and similar certainly won’t.
you’ll probably be fine if you have <50 TB.

I kinda agree with @peatnik, both amazon and google have the infrastructure to (in theory) cope with the data hoarders. Anyone else I am not so sure. Remember Bitcasa… (shudders) they tried and failed. Although they were using AWS as the storage backend and the costs of that can soon escalate when storing large amounts of data, just try their cost calculator)

And I have got 3 users in my gsuite, so if they did start enforcing the limit, we would split the increased cost for the other 2 users until we could find 2 new users.

Just my 2c