Oof, rclone is on Linus Tech tips now...=/

This is not good…GDrive Unlimited days are numbered.

Please don’t abuse! What with the ST2 or blitz with service accounts…

Almost one month old, it’s been on reddit multiple times already: https://www.reddit.com/r/DataHoarder/comments/9810he/i_have_some_bad_news/

Even worst than I thought then. =/ That sort of exploitation serves no one in the long run. Why the hell does he need to keep 700 TB worth of recordings around?

Seriously? It’s a major Youtube channel (there are not one, two or five countries with a lower population but 128). There are many people with (a few) hundreds of TBs just because they can and I’m sure the guy who stored more than 1PB of porn on amazon more than one and a half years ago isn’t alone (and it’s not that he made a business out of this, probably didn’t even get to watch a small part himself).

The pricing is messed up, you can’t charge for 100 or 1000TB a few bucks thinking most people don’t even have 1TB (which would allow you to even make a profit, heck especially for business customers I’ve seen some stats that they were using less than 50GB/user on the average).

What? You’re saying that it’s Google’s fault for the exploitation of their architecture? Their pricing is just right for what it’s supposed to be used for…Even then it is non sequitur as it does not explain the need to hoard 700 TB of recordings. How much of that stuff does he actually need for real archival vs just being lazy enough to not trash the stuff?

I don’t care if someone has 1PB of porn on the cloud nor do I care if they watch even 0.0001% of it as that is their business. I do care when their exploitation of a service leads to clamping down of what is a genuinely excellent product for its price. Him uploading that ridiculous amount of data and “bragging” about it is to garner views and peddle wares is classic narcissism.

I do hope Google ban him and erase 700 TB worth of his stuff.

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Do you have any reference for “what it’s supposed to be used for” and how a Youtuber (BTW Youtube is one of the most successful Google products) storing his business’s data (which business completely revolves around a google product, but never mind that) in Google’s business product is somehow not using it for “what it’s supposed to be used for” ?

As for fault it needs to be some misfortune first to assign blame. You can’t blame Linus, he has no problem, he just found a great sale and took advantage of it. If Google would cry “oh, this hurts” - yes, it hurts because of your stupid marketing.

And everybody who is afraid of “clamping down of what is a genuinely excellent product for its price” is actually doing the same as Linus and being afraid it will end for him if Linus rocks the boat too much. I’m sure nobody that pays for example 10$/mo and store 0.5TB or 1TB or even 2TB is worried about anything. People who store tens or hundreds of TBs are the ones worried and in no way different than Linus (except that they’re much less popular).

I only use 2TB and I am genuinely worried that something bad will happen so I keep a local copy. Your logic of exploiting it as long as it lasts is the reason why “good” deals never lasts. Google is not dumb. They’re essentially fishing. Go ahead, dump your data. One day you will wake up and find yourself regretting it. And no I don’t think Google is hurt even in the slightest way with him dumping 700 TB worth of stuff (it all likely end up in tapes, which is dirt cheap, after staging them in hard drives anyway). They hold the knife handle while we hold the blade. Who is going to get cut?

As for “what it’s supposed to be used for,” the EULA is no help as it is always muddy and vague, but it doesn’t take much to say his dumping of data is out of the ordinary or fair use of their service. Clearly you don’t see it that way.

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2TB is precisely what you get with the new “one” plans for the same 10$. Incidentally it’s about the same (10$/month) to store 2TBs on Amazon’s ACD or Backblaze B2. Not that I’m saying that you’ll have to move there, just that this is much closer to market prices than storing 700TB for $10 (or $50…). People using just a small amount didn’t have to move from ACD too when they took out the unlimited, on the contrary the same service became actually much better after they clamped down on people trying to push the limits of unlimited.

And now beside worrying about customers hurting Google with too much data and Google hurting other customers back by “clamping down” we should worry about what Google does with the data? Never mind of all places on this forum when one of the phenomenal features of rclone is encryption? I need to stop here, I’m not the one to worry. We’ll see how this goes either way.

See, I’m not one of these people who’s worried about everything. You got people like this around you? Countries full of them now: people walking around all day long, every minute of the day, worried… about everything! Worried about the air; worried about the water; worried about the soil; worried about insecticides, pesticides, food additives, carcinogens; worried about radon gas; worried about asbestos; worried about saving endangered species.