Only want to request CDN cached files - DigitalOcean Spaces CDN with rclone mount --daemon

Hi, team & community!
Need help for DigitalOcean Spaces setup!
I only want to request my CDN cached files (for reading/download/stream! No, write required!)
Because I find some limits if I request files from the direct endpoint!
So how do I do it? Should I put CDN URL as the endpoint? (instead of

I mean -

Storage> s3
env_auth> 1
access_key_id> YOUR_ACCESS_KEY
secret_access_key> YOUR_SECRET_KEY

Does it work? or there is a dedicated flag to request from CDN!

I'm also going to use it as a mount (--daemon) at /mnt/..../

So maybe there is a flag that I don't know to do this job while mounting it!

Does the CDN endpoint support the S3 API - if it does it should work fine.

If not then I don't think rclone will do what you want right now.

We have a similar flag in the b2 backend

It sounds like you want --s3-download-url is that correct?

I yesterday thought B2 cloud working fine, but today find Digital Ocean spaces maybe! But finally going back to B2 again!

I did it like these 2 guides!

Using Backblaze B2 with the Cloudflare CDN – Backblaze Help

Creating a CDN with Backblaze B2 and Cloudflare for Free | by Dan Rovito | Medium

Now as your docs I find a b2 flag

Using Backblaze B2 with the Cloudflare CDN – Backblaze Help

Now I set up b2 cloud! & also mounted as /mnt/.../

But want to read/stream files from Cloudflare CDN to reduce latency & transaction charges!

Open a new topic or you guide me here!

Yes! I want --s3-download-url & want to put the CDN URL to reduce costs!

Do you want to make a new issue on github about --s3-download-url? Maybe you'd like to help implement?

I'm seriously don't know how to do this! Now, this not gonna be an issue! This is my fault that I'm a newbie! I mean how to use --s3-download-url or --b2-download-url

Start by making a new issue on github about --s3-download-url because that doesn't exist yet!

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