Only uploading files not in folder in google drive

I have folder called MOVIES in Desktop and which have multiple subfolders.

I uploaded that in Google drive few months ago.

Now i have rearraged my movies in Desktop in MOVIES folders. Added new files etc.

Now i don’t want to reupload 5 TB of data again.

Is there any way that rclone detect if the movie is already inside MOVIES folders and its subfolders and dont upload if its there. does not has to be in same folder as DESKTOP . e,g

Desktop/MOVIES/Folder1/300.mkv and GDRIVE/MOVIES/eng/300.mkv

rclone should not upload this as it should exist inside MOVIES folder but in diff folder

Use the latest beta with the new --track-renames flag. Let me know how it goes! Try with --dry-run first to see what it would do.

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Nice one, does it work with crypt.

It relies on there being a hash (MD5 or SHA1) available to identify the files. Alas crypt doesn’t support hashes yet, so no is the answer :frowning: