Only copy from google drive to external disk changed files

So i used rclone to successfully backup my files on my google drive to my external harddrive. My goal is to routinely backup my google drive to the same external hard drive. However, i'm wondering if there is a way to just copy over/update files on my external drive that have changed in my google drive.

For example, say a week has gone by and the only change i made in my google drive between today and next tuesday is i add file "j.doc" to my google drive. I'd like to figure out the code that I can type which will tell rclone to only look for new files in my google drive that are not currently on my external drive. A successful implementation of this code would only copy over "j.doc" and make no other changes.


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sorry a little confused as to exactly you need help with?

rclone copy
--- copies files in source that do not exist in dest.
--- copies files in source that exist in the dest but have changed.
--- does not delete files in the dest.

You just run the same command again and rclone will ignite things it has already copied.

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ignite or ignore? lol. Trying to reduce the chances of ignition.

Ignore hopefully but you can never tell with these open source programs :joy:

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