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I've been looking around, and haven't really found a decent comparison of the storage costs suppliers mainstream an otherwise, so I thought it would be a good idea to start a compariosn. My thinking is that there is no point looking at the smaller 50gb type accounts, most people on here want TBs of storage, some people are specific to needing a protocol. And while I won't specifically exclude the Unlimited providers, I will probably only add them if they are honest about their limits. i.e. Opendrive (for better or worse) have an Unlimited plan, but when you talk to them, they are quite honest that it is essentially crippled above 10tb. So I was wondering if people could submit the ones they know about, and I'll start putting a spreadsheet together. which I will upload in due course, so that other can update it, as price changes/new suppliers are added. I'm only looking for suppliers that work with rclone at this point. So I think the minimum requirements for the spreadsheet would be

Company, Plan Name, Protocol, Price for 5Tb, 20Tb, 50Tb, 100Tb

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Company Plan Name Protocol Price Minimum Retention Period Days Download 1TiB API Cost
1TiB 5TiB 20TiB
Hetzner BX SFTP/WEBDAV $4.20 $14.31 $53.31 0 $0.00 N/A
Wasabi - S3 $6.99 $48.86 $139.80 30/90 $0.00 N/A
AWS Glacier Deep S3 $1.01 $5.07 $20.28 180 variable variable

iDrive e2 - pay as you go:

Company Plan Name Protocol Price Retention Period Days Download 1TiB API Cost
1TiB 5TiB 20TiB
iDrive e2 - S3 $4.00 $20.00 $80.00 0 $0.00 $0.00

iDrive e2 - subscription:

Company Plan Name Protocol Price Retention Period Days Download 1TiB API Cost
1TiB 5TiB 20TiB
iDrive e2 - S3 $1.67 $8.33 $33.33 0 $0.00 $0.00

Where do you see amazon deep glacier maximum retention? This seems counterintuitive to their cold storage not on demand file availability...

it is minimum retention period.

S3 Glacier Deep Archive has a minimum storage duration of 180 days. Objects deleted prior to the minimum storage duration incur a pro-rated charge equal to the storage charge for the remaining days

sorry, not sure what that means?

I 100% am no longer confused. Yeah. I read minimum retention on their website, and randomly assumed you meant maximum, which confused me.

Your reply indicates you meant minimum, so the universe makes sense again :slight_smile:

good point, i re-edited my original post.

Okay I have my first version with about 10 lines so far, I tend to use LibreOffice, can people generally read ODS format?

It is 2023... post it online. You can use google docs or anything else similar you prefer. Worst case format manually and post here.

Completely forgot about google drive for some reason.

For now I've made it editable, I may change this if it becomes a problem.


I just fixed the prices formatting. It should be easier to read now :slight_smile:

You reminded me I need to add some figures on the 50Tb section :slight_smile:

I am quite surprised than multiple opendrives beat glacier, I guess because they have a sensible if somewhat annoying policy of crippling accounts over 10tb, they can offer competitive prices.

Anybody any other ones to add?

Nice! It would be useful to have a column of available server locations, as for example opendrive looks great, but with one server location at western USA, it isnt so great (from europe the transfer speeds are not great but terrible)

The file is editable, if you want to add it feel free.

I tested opendrive business today. Absolute crap. Upload collapses to under 1mb/sec. Is not usable for me.

I have also been playing with it, I have found their speed variable, but I'm also current on a 4g connection in the back of beyond so thought it was me :slight_smile: However trying to setup a union, I found they don't report freespace, usedspace, or number of objects etc. Or atleast that's what rclone is saying and I believe it. Which is going to make it hard to route new files to any new accounts you add.

You can also check the Hetzner server auction and rent a server with 10x6TB; 10x10TB; 10x16TB, 15x6TB, 15x10TB and "manage" your own RAID setup.
Maybe at the end cheaper as the storage box, if there are 2-3 people splitting the costs.

This is true, but I would guess it's quite hard to put the prices on a websheet for reference.

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Do you know about how to use Box Business? I've used gdrive enterprise (unlimited) for few years, with fictional company name, alone until they doubled their prices last year.
Is it works for Box business too? I need to register 3 account, or get 2 friends to partner with? Who pays in this case?
Currently i use idrivee2 its, good, but unlimited would be better :smiley:

Scaleway Glacier (archival storage)

€ 2 EUR / TB per month
data ingress/egress is free of charge

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