OneDrive to S3 failed to create file system

I am testing out migrating one file from remote OneDrive to remote S3

I checked
rclone lsd OneDrive: and rclone lsd S3:
and I can see my folders in OneDrive and my buckets in S3

So I then tried to copy using

rclone - v copy OneDrive:'01 - Ready to Ingest/Data - United States - Business - Neustar Localeze/Dictionary_Data.csv' s3:'intellishore.datawarehouse'

But I got this error

2019/03/18 14:20:49 Failed to create file system for “s3:intellishore.datawarehouse”: didn’t find section in config file

My config file looks like this :

type = s3

provider = AWS

*access_key_id = ***************

*secret_access_key = **********************

region = us-east-2

location_constraint = us-east-2

acl = authenticated-read

server_side_encryption = AES256

Is there something wrong with my syntax?

You used capital letters in the config S3 but small letters in s3:intellishore.datawarehouse - if you use the same case everywhere that should work.

Thanks for your help. I’m getting a new error

2019/03/18 16:49:17 ERROR : Attempt 1/3 failed with 1 errors and: s3 upload: 403 Forbidden: <?xml version=“1.0” encoding=“UTF-8”?>

any ideas?

Which version of rclone are you using?

If you use -vv --dump bodies you’ll get to see the whole of the response which might make things clearer.

Thank you -vv --dump bodies is making things clearer. Seems the problem is with my source directory.

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