Onedrive ~tmp issue

i’m trying rclone sync from googledrive to onedrive…

But i found that , it will not update onedrive.

Like googledrive removed “test” folder, but onedrive not remove the "test"folder…

also, i found that there is ~tmp files on my onedrive , as image.

Any idea how to sync it and remove it automatically on onedrive?

What’s the actual command you are running to do the sync?

Can you run that same command with -vv and share the logs?

What version are running?

There is an explanation for the ~tmp files here

Also note that those files can’t be seen by rclone, which means it’s not possible to delete them using rclone delete --include .... Maybe one day rclone will have something like an on-interrupt hook? @ncw

That is a good idea - I like it! Multipart uploaders could put a routine on the on-interrupt hook, then pop it off again when the transfer is done.

There is something almost like this already here it would need extending so you could de-register a function.

Cool! So multipart uploaders generally have two options: (a) cancel the upload, or (b) save the progress in e.g. a file. If the latter is the case, rclone may need to standardize a pattern to do that.

Let’s have a go at a) first… Fancy having a go at extending the Atexit so you can unregister things? Register will need to return a handle which Unregister can remove.

Sounds pretty simple and should work! Previously I was thinking about keeping an uploading files list or something similar, which complicates the problem. I think I can do the extension, but it may be a few days before that. I’ll post a message before I start working on that.

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Update: I’m starting to work on this.