OneDrive syncronization error on Microsoft side

Hi all,

I am trying to follow the procedure to add a OneDrive remote, however I am encountering a big issue when I connect the browser to localhost, it get correctly redirected to a microsoft domain that unfortunately return an error.

It is unable to get the necessary token and all I got from microsoft is:


The URL of the page is the following:‘redirect_uri’+is+not+valid.+The+expected+value+is+‘’+or+a+URL+which+matches+the+redirect+URI+registered+for+this+client+application.&state=6fd237a3974dcf831d357c288de2ac3e

Does anybody has seen this issue before? How can I work around this?

Did you leave client_id and client_secret blank? Or did you put your own values in? Leaving them blank is recommended.

I’m getting the same error. The error occurs when trying to authorize with an own app id & secret, i.e. run 'rclone authorize “onedrive” “<app_id>” “<app_secret>”. It seems Microsoft doesn’t accept how the request redirect URI is presented.

Anyhow, using recommended settings works fine, leaving client_id and client_secret blank.

You need to make sure you’ve set the redirect URL to “http://localhost:53682/” in your client_id config and then it should work.

I remembered once I ran rclone authorize onedrive ... and it failed because there’s some special character in the app_secret and it got expanded by my shell. I had to change "app_secret" to 'app_secret' so the shell passes it as is. Not sure if this is your case; just for your reference.