OneDrive slow sync speeds

Hello, I'm experiencing very low downstream throughputs (~1Mbps) syncing my OneDrive remote to a local hard drive.

My setup:

  • rclone v1.53.3
  • MacBook Pro / macOS Big Sur (but I've tried with other machines)
  • Network connection via cable (ISP throughput is 1Gbps down / 0.5Gbps up)

I've started with this command:

rclone sync -P --log-file=rclone.log --log-level INFO OneDrive: ~/mount_point/backup/OneDrive/

But I've tried to tweak --checkers and --transfers trying lower/higher values but with no particular difference.

Log file does not show particular errors or hints. It is just slow.

Side note: I'm not blaming rclone here. Instead, I think that the culprit is OneDrive. I've tried to download something from the OneDrive web GUI and my transfer speed is at best 20Mbps, which is something ridiculously slow compared to my connection capabilities. I'm thinking of changing my cloud provider for this reason, but that is another story. What I'm basically asking is if you think everything is correct from the rclone point of view, and other reasons are to be searched on OneDrive side.

hello and welcome to the forum,

for some reason, the config file was not posted; can you post the config file, redact secrets?

make sure you have done this

this can help

Thank you for your time!

I didn't know about the possibility of getting my own client ID and secret.
I've done that, but throughput honestly seems the same as before.
The good news is that after I opened this topic I managed to get for some time around 50Mbps, now I'm around 48
But this seems something related to the server side, because it is still way lower than my ISP connection is capable of

Here's my config:

type = onedrive
token = {"access_token":"","expiry":""}
drive_id =
drive_type = personal
client_id =
client_secret =

what are the speeds for your internet connection?

there are so many cloud providers to chose from.

in the past, based my own testing, onedrive was not good solution for me, even though i have offce365 and get 1TB of space. i do not use it.

i pay wasabi, a s3 rclone, known for hot storage. easy to saturate my 1Gbps fiber optic connection..
i use aws s3 glacier and deep glacier to cold storage.

wasabi offers a free one month trial, try it and see what upload speeds you get.
if the speeds are also slow, perhaps it is your isp.

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I'll try it thank you!
But I'm thinking of moving to Google

My connection is 1Gbps down / 0.5Gpbs up and I would like to leverage it

in the past, i used google storage, also got very good speeds.
have you tested that yet, as compared to onedrive?
as some point, update this post with your findings....

for hot storage per TB
$20.58 = google storage
$05.99 = wasabi

Can you try to download a file using IDM or Aria2 with multiple connections, and see what you get.

how would that help in this case?

  • IDM is windows only,
  • aria2 does not support onedrive, google or other cloud providers?

Aria2 supports any public direct link including Google Drive & OneDrive.

Because when I download files from onedrive/gdrive using idm/aria i get full 1gbps.

using rclone, i just download a 4GB .iso file from onedrive to local, speed was 50MB/s
that is B, not b

I made some tests using the same web browser and downloading the same file from OneDrive and Google Drive:

  • OneDrive: 10MB/s (more or less similar to Rclone performance)
  • Google Drive: 56MB/s

But I honestly don't understand why such differences

well, it is clear that this is not a rclone issue.
perhaps, something to do with your isp.

coud be dns servers
Using cloudflare dns causes rclone mounts speeds to drop to 0 every few seconds - #5 by ncw

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Yup. My bet is your OneDrive files are probably in different Continent.

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FWIW, my upload speed from NJ can pretty much max out my Gbit link.


I've done many tests and I've come to the conclusion that:

  • Rclone is not limiting bandwidth
  • OneDrive - at least in my region - sucks (I can't download anything faster than 10MB/s)

Thank you for all your time and precious information

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